About Dentosense Dental Clinic

Dentosense is a private dental clinic in Mombasa established on 10th March 2005 and focuses on the delivery of quality and affordable dental health services. It is located at 1st Floor of the Ultra-modern building of T.S.S. Tower on Nkrumah Road in Mombasa.

Dentosense is managed and operated by Dr. Salaah Ahmed Omar Jezzan. He did his basic dentistry degree course at University of Nairobi and qualified in 1993 with a Bachelor Degree of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.). He then left for Johannesburg, South Africa in 1996 where he did his Postgraduate Diploma course at University of Pretoria in Community Dentistry and also at University of Western Cape, Cape Town in Implantology. While in South Africa for 10 years, he presented numerous research papers on Community Dentistry. Dr. Jezzan has more than 16 years experience in dentistry. His passion is in Cosmetic Dentistry and Community Dentistry.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering professional and comprehensive quality dental health care and service excellence to residents of Mombasa at an affordable price. We thrive to offer value for money to corporate clients, and minimizing fraud, loss of working hours to their employees and provide effective billing and record system.


  • Grant access to affordable dental treatment to individuals and corporate clients
  • Grant convenience dental treatment by extending hours of services to 18H00 on weekdays.
  • Introduce the clients to the advantages of computerized dentistry minimizing time wastage and resulting to cost-effectiveness.
  • Build good rapport with Corporates Human Resource Managers through effective patient record and billing system.


  • To set standard for quality and affordable oral health care to all irrespective of socio-economic circumstances.
  • To expose the corporate managers to the use of computerized dentistry in submission of records.
  • To introduce the concept of cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain and Empress Veneers, Crown and Bridge work, Dental Implants and Tooth Bleaching.

Our Pledge of Service

We recognize that the high cost of dental care hinders the majority to seek quality treatment. The phobia of seeking dental care is more often than not, a difficult and uncertain time for the clients and their families. Our staff are committed to provide affordable, comprehensive dental health care of high standard and customer care.


The present infrastructure in Mombasa to cater for the dental needs is insufficient because of the limited number of dental practitioners located within the Mombasa CBD. The public health sector does not offer specialized dental services and most often than not patients are referred to private facilities for follow up care. As a result patients requiring urgent dental treatment need to wait for a relatively long period of time to gain access to dental care. Also due to current financial constrains, a vast majority of clients cannot afford the dental fees charged by private dental practitioners. Kenya’s private dental healthcare industry is estimated that only 20-25% have access to this sector. A need was then identified to offer affordable and quality dental care services to all.

Questions or Comments?

We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about our services.