Modern Dental Facilities

Dental Unit

Planned in the international standards of quality, the Dental Chair brings all the technology and innovation. With Synchronized movement between seat and back and Easy activation of the functions, the Dental Chair provides the patient with comfort and perfect positioning. Headrest with height adjustment which allows the direct viewing of all the areas of the mouth, facilitating attendance in odontopediatrics and patient with special needs swivel arm with side opening.

Digital X-ray

The Digital System offers a more precise diagnosis, with higher quality, and the result of each treatment. It builds confidence in the patient. It provides Excellent Image quality based on advanced CMOS Technology, and Accurate diagnosis of dental diseases. Also it is easier for the patient to Consent as its Easy to explain treatment plan to the patient. It provides Real measurements on images and Drawing function for communication with the patient.

Tuttnaeur Autoclave

With higher capacity and better performance, Tuttnauer's ML Laboratory line of semi-automatic, electro-mechanically controlled, steam sterilizers provides safe, economical and effective sterilization.

Nouvag MD 20

The MD 20 motor system is a powerful und user-friendly surgical motor drive used in oral, jaw, and implants placement. It is highly effective in removal of wisdom teeth shortening the healing period after surgery.

TCM Endo V

The TCM Endo V is a microprocessor-controlled motor system for fast and easy preparation of root canals using rotating instruments. The torque-dependent reverse rotation reduces instrument breakage. The built-in apex locator helps to determine and maintain the working depth.
The light, ergonomic hand grip distinguishes itself by its low-vibration operation. The broad RPM range also makes it possible to work with high-speed instruments.

Trinon Implants

This implant system was developed to cover many indications in implant dentistry. Designed to provide simplicity and clarity, we have created a system that removes many of the disadvantages of earlier implant systems. This single-phase enossal implant is made of titanium and there are no complex components. Its self-cutting thread achieves a high primary stability which allows the immediate placement of a temporary crown. The transgingival healing makes a second operation unnecessary and the sand-blasted surface reduces the time taken for osseointegration. These features, together with the mirror-finished implant head, aid wound healing and reduce post-operative infections.

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