Our Policies

We at Dentosense ensure the highest level of care using the most modern equipment, techniques and materials to give you, our valued patient, the most optimal outcome whilst still offering affordable prices.

During your consults, your dentist will ensure you receive an extensive examination and a fully explained treatment plan regarding your oral health. A detailed quotation will be presented to you, and we will answer all your questions in the most professional manner.

As a commitment to you in entrusting us with your care, we ensure you the following:

  • Professionalism, courtesy and respect to you.
  • Dedication and commitment to your care, needs and fears. We promise to give you the best possible advice at all times based on sound and scientific evidence. 
  • Fully explained treatment plans after we have discussed all alternative options and prior to commencement of treatments.
  • We will send you 6 monthly recalls to ensure your continuing care.
  • We will extend our courtesy to you and your family members.
  • Strict infection control measures and guidelines will be maintained.
  • A detailed bill and reconciliation of accounts will be held to prevent unnecessary errors

In return we ask:

  • You to be punctual for your appointments or at least keep us updated of your late or non-arrival 
  • For your dedication and commitment in taking care of your oral health by maintaining 6 monthly check ups 
  • For you to promptly pay for your treatments upon receipt thereof. 
  • That you update our records by informing us of any change of address ad contact details 
  • For your courtesy and respect to the dentist, members of staff and other patients. 
  • For you to tell your friends about us if you are satisfied with our service.

Questions or Comments?

We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about our services.