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When you visit the Dentosense Dental Clinic, you can expect the very best quality dental care.



When you visit the Dentosense Dental Clinic, you can expect the very best quality dental care. To ensure our office can meet these needs, the following outlines the treatment we institute for routine dental care:

We provide an exam, cleaning, and fluoride treatment every 6 months.
During the exam, we will check the erupted teeth for cavities, the gums for infection, and other mouth tissues for abnormalities (“count the teeth”). We also check for sufficient room for the permanent teeth and evaluate occlusion (the way the teeth come together) and the jaw joint.

We use a concentrated fluoride which is applied by brush rather than trays. Some insurance companies limit their coverage for fluoride treatments to once a year. We follow the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s recommendation which states to “Provide topical fluoride every six months.” Fluoride is given every six months unless you consult with our office prior to treatment.
Decay detecting x-rays (bite wings) are taken on an as needed basis, usually once a year. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of your child during x-ray procedures. We do use a digital x-ray system in our office. All children wear a lead apron during x-rays.
We will go over preventive measures such as proper tooth brushing, flossing, fluoride, and diet.

Sealants: We are firm believers in sealant application to prevent decay in the grooves of teeth. More information will be provided if your child needs sealants.

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